What Would They Think?

man in red and white musical suit playing flute during daytime in camera focus photography

Our founding forefathers went through a lot to get us started. They dedicated their energy, time away from their family and business, their fortunes, and for many they lost everything before facing death. They were committed to the concept of freedom no matter the cost. They were passionate about forming a new nation, one where everyone could be represented and live the life they chose.

Listening to the news you might feel we got it all wrong, that everything is out of wack, and none of the issues they faced in 1776 have been resolved. There is still racism, discrimination because of gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation, even by how you say certain words. We seem polarized, disjointed, angry, frustrated and everyone seems a little self centered. I wonder if the men who got our nation started saw how we are handling things now, what would they think?

We have family members who immigrated from other countries. They moved their loved ones here because they were escaping tyranny and annihilation. They gave up everything to live free within our borders. For them all the noise of the current state of affairs is a small price to pay for a life well lived. Their children and now their grandchildren are free to live the life they chose. I wonder if you asked them how we are doing what they would think?

Today is the day we celebrate our independence. We have the freedom to do what we want, with whomever we want, in whatever manner we want. I think we forget that not everyone in every country can say that, or if they do might they then live in fear? Let’s stop the whining if even for one day and give thanks to the men and women who have brought us this far. No matter what is going on we can live free, celebrate free, and give thanks that others are serving so we can be free.

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