Alas Poor Yorick


My husband has been studying drypoint etching and this is his latest piece. He struggled with creating something that included a dead bird; he wasn’t sure how people would react. We asked multiple creative people we know and they thought it was a beautiful bird and would love to see it in ink. He calls it ‘Alas Poor Yorick’, it’s the perfect title. He has posted it to an international drypoint print making group and people from around the globe have chimed in; Yorick is a hit!

Who do you turn to when you need advice or someone to help bounce an idea? Are there people you trust to give you the straight skinny, the ones who won’t pull a punch and tell the truth? These relationships take time to create and all too often help us the most. We need people in our lives that know us and love us enough to always provide an honest opinion. They help smooth our rough edges, comfort us when times are bad, and demand the best of us in all circumstances. They are the people who encourage us to grow beyond our current situation and can see the best version of ourselves when we have lost our way.

These people are the ones who would tell you that there is no need for a dead bird in art, or they cheer you on as you work to create a masterpiece out of a bird carcass. Their friendship and opinions are the ones you cherish the most and can wound you the deepest. They can stop your heart with a single look and make your heart race with excitement simply by sitting next to you. They believe in you more than you believe in yourself.

Take time this week to ask for their thoughts and opinion on that ‘thing’ that is haunting you like a dead bird in ink. The doubts you may have can go away in an instant and you too can celebrate international rave reviews.

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