Evidence of a Work Ethic


We spent the afternoon with a man knowledgeable in many things. He is an experienced watercolorist, printer, wood worker, designer, writer and he does metal work. We toured his metal and wood work area so he could show us how he did what he did. This photo is a close up of his shop floor; there is no doubt that he works hard on what he does and is rather prolific in what he produces. The floor was evidence of a strong work ethic.

The room suited him well and was covered in tools, projects, gadgets, and works in progress. There was evidence of things he had completed and ideas that were still gestating. Everywhere we looked it was clear that he was passionate about how he spends his time. He told us stories of how he was developing something and how we could do the same. He shared his ideas, his resources, recommended internet sites to join and taught us many things during the afternoon. Not only did his space show his work ethic, his passion and his willingness to share his knowledge left us with no doubt of his expertise and experience in many creative fields.

As we drove home heads and hands full of many things and thoughts, I could not help but wonder where he learned his work ethic. Who taught him the value of hard work, the self confidence derived from a job well done, and the courage to pursue so many creative paths at the same time?  Either someone is his life or life itself taught him those values and he carries them with him still today. His work is incredible and he is willing to share all he knows with those interested enough to ask good questions. He has built a wonderful life with his wife around what they value and what is important to them.

So what evidence is there of your work ethic? What can you show for the work you do or the time you spend creating? Who are you sharing your knowledge and expertise with in order to continue your passion once you are gone? What in your life makes it clear to people what is important to you? Take a look around today to see what the people see when they look at your life? For this prolific artist all we had to do what look at his workshop floors, where do people need to look in your life?

What do you think - write your thoughts here!

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