The Possibilities are Endless


This past weekend we hung up a shelf in my husband’s area of our studio. It now stores many of the elements of his creations. There is ink and books, carving tools and even some examples of his previous works. There is more space to fill, which means more and more creative things will come out of this portion of our studio.

Something happens when we fill a space with things that are important to us. We suddenly see the big picture, all the pieces that have been disconnected now sit together in one space. We can ‘see’ the opportunities and the potential the tools of our trade can support. Maybe your tools are pencils, paper, books and pens. Maybe your tools are spatulas, spoons, bowls and pans. Maybe your tools are screwdrivers, hammers, nails and boards. Or maybe your tools are art supplies like brushes, paint, canvas or inks. What ever you use to create what you create, try putting them all together to see what might inspire you.

This shelf also shows an investment in proper tools, supplies, and elements needed to create. It can be tough to spend money on supplies when times are tight. When skills are only in their early stages it can be daunting to buy quality supplies instead of the cheap stuff. Writers need to write. builders need to build, and artists need to create art. To do those things it means spending money on the good stuff. There is no worse feeling than to create something fabulous with inferior supplies that won’t last the test of time. To put all that effort into your work only to have it degrade due to cheap elements. It is amazing how our confidence grows when we begin to see value in our work. When we value our work we value spending money on quality tools. When we value our work we cherish sending time creating it; it becomes a priority above other distractions of life. But how do you know how to use quality if you don’t purchase quality? How do you create quality when using worn out, old, or inferior tools?

I look forward to seeing the new things that come together off this shelf. The tools will come on and off the shelf, work together or work alone. The right tools, quality tools and elements change everything. With the right tools the possibilities are endless.

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