You Don’t Know What You Have


I inherited my maternal grandmother’s china. It is a pattern from the 1940s. I have a very nice set and am always on the lookout for pieces. As you can imagine it is very hard to find and usually VERY expensive. I had dinner with a dear friend who handed me this gravy boat. She found it at Goodwill, and it cost her $2.61. Holy Cow! What a find!!! I couldn’t believe someone donated this to Goodwill; they obviously didn’t know what they had. I looked it up online and an original, non-chipped gravy boat starts at $45.

As I drove home giving thanks for my friend and my new gravy boat, I thought about the person who donated it. They did not value it, probably didn’t know what it was, they may not have ever seen the pattern before, so in cleaning out their house this was an item that had to go. An item like this was not important to them or their life so they let it go very easily. I can understand that. I too have found stuff in the back of my closets that I had no idea where it came from, what it was for, or who gave it to me. So in turn I donated it. It’s a great way to clear your space and support those in need.

Then I thought about how much I will value and use this gravy boat. It is a real find and a new treasure to my set. And every time I serve with it I will tell this story. (The fact that I am writing about to should tell you how excited I am to have it.) To me this is a way to honor my family, my grandmother, history and the hundreds of people who have eaten on this china over the decades. It reminds me that things do last, they add value when used wisely and with care, and things can add joy to our lives.

As I got ready for bed I thought about the other ‘things’ you don’t know what you have; like clean drinking water and a safe place to sleep, a full stomach and an education, freedom to speak your opinion and add value, and the amazing gift of loving and being loved. We are so very blessed in this country to be free to be ourselves, whomever or whatever that means. We can work hard to get what we want, and we can rest hard knowing that we can dream big things again tomorrow. Sometimes we don’t value what we have until we meet someone else who doesn’t have the same things. It’s like the old saying, I felt sorry for myself because I didn’t have any shoes until I met a man without any feet. Today I was reminded that not everyone values what I value or understands what they have. They give away a precious item because to them it is not precious; I am excited about that item and know it’s value, and will cherish it for years to come.

So what do you have that you don’t really know or understand that you have? One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. What blessings do you experience everyday that others may overlook or not value, or may not have at all? All this from a $2.61 gravy boat…

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