Remnants of Excellence


My husband worked hard this weekend and created three very amazing etchings. He used a dry point technique and then printed them on his press. Here you see the ink remnants from his excellent work. I don’t know a lot about printing but I do know good work when I see it. I framed all three this afternoon and they are already hanging in a prominent place on our wall.

When you produce excellence, people can tell. They see it in process, they see it in your passion and skills, they see it in the final product. You may not always see it in yourself, but have no doubt others can see it loud and clear. And when you produce excellence, when you work towards it and execute it with magnificence, people know. Your excellence spurs them on to do the same. Like iron sharpens iron, excellence encourages and demands more excellence.

Just like the remnants from this printing press, you leave behind remnants of your own excellence. You create a body of work that stands for something; it can stand for mediocre, it can stand for shoddy, or it can stand for excellence. When you set the bar high it raises the bar for everyone around you, and you build your reputation and the trust of others. They know that if you do it you will do it to the best of your abilities.

So what remnants have you left behind recently? Have they encouraged others to raise the bar, or did you do just enough to get the job done? Maybe you didn’t feel motivated to do it this time and it showed? Or maybe you kicked it into high gear and gave it everything you had. Whichever way you behaved remember that what you do today impacts a lot of people around you. Your remnants will plant seeds in those who are involved in your world. Choose today to leave remnants of excellence.

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