Maybe that Someone is YOU!


It takes courage and persistence to invent new things. It means going against the norm and forging a new path. It takes thinking differently and knowing to the marrow of your bones that you are right, that your idea will work, and moving ahead despite what the critics will say. Not everyone is cut out to invent.

I saw this sign in a Chinese restaurant, and it made me think. I was standing in line waiting for my food and could not stop staring at this graphic. The light bulb, the rays of yellow, the Chinese characters and the vertical word ‘inventive’. The simplicity of the image caught my imagination. I then looked around me at all the things someone had invented. Food warmers and lighted signs, electronic cash registers, and internet based payment systems. Tall tables and matching chairs, disposable chopsticks, paper napkins, drink dispensers with any flavor you could imagine, and the idea of paying other people to cook a meal, package it up, then carry it away. I was surrounded by brilliance disguised as a Chinese restaurant carry out line.

While eating my yummy food I thought about all the amazing inventions I have seen in my lifetime; then I thought of the things my parents have seen in their longer lifetimes. And then I thought about the things the next generation would invent, implement and then improve again during their lifetime. The ideas were unfathomable. It blew my mind to think about what this world will look like in another fifty years.  I opened my fortune cookie and gave silent thanks for all those people who had the courage and persistence to invent and implement. My life is easier, faster, better from the ideas of others. I went to sleep satisfied, grateful and inspired.

Tomorrow is a brand new day, I wonder what someone will invent to make everything that much better…maybe that someone is you?


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