The Lengthening of Days


The days are getting longer and the sun is beginning to rise earlier and earlier. The colors are getting warmer as we eagerly await the arrival of Spring. Sometimes it is hard to remember that as you peer through the empty trees and dull colors. It’s like trying to see the forest instead of the trees.

Having vision can be difficult when you can only see reality. Knowing that there is more inside you than your current circumstances prove can be hard to believe. Like a mid Winter sunrise, all you can see are the glimpses of color in the distance trying their hardest to shine. They get overshadowed by the dense trees and leafless forest. You barely see the color and all too often wonder when the brilliance will arrive.

We have many days until Spring arrives in the South. With it’s arrival comes flowers, color, green leaves and the reminder that life is all about change. That as the seasons change so do we. Until then we look for the color to grow in intensity and secure our belief that what we are experiencing now is not how it will always be. We are a being in process, growing and changing a little bit each and every day. It can be discouraging when the changes do not happen quickly enough, significantly, or overnight. The slow build and the patience they require can feel like forever. And yet when we look at the sunrise of today versus the sunrise from last month, there is a difference.

So as you begin to experience the lengthening of days, know that the goals you are working towards are on their way to fruition. Keep working, keep focused, and keep going so that all your hard work will pay off. One day you will see a brilliant sunrise full of warmth and color, and before you know it Summer and your goal will be here.

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