Endings and Beginnings…Stop, Survey and Think

The Twelve Days of Christmas have begun, which means soon it will be New Year’s Day and a brand new year will begin. I saw this hawk fly through the air and land on a nearby limb. He sat there and pondered his next move. He surveyed the surrounding area and thought about his next flight. This majestic bird taking the time to stop, survey the area, and think reminded me to do the same.

This time of year lends itself to thinking about endings and beginnings. The end of one year and the beginning of a new time provides a perfect opportunity to stop, survey, and think. Stop and give yourself time to ponder about what you are doing and what you want to be doing with your time, your energy, and your money. Survey what you have, what you want and what you need. Remind yourself of what you have accomplished this year and what you still feel needs to be done. Remember what you want and what you need are not always the same thing. And think about who you want to be now and in the future.

All that seems like a lot to spend time thinking about when there are things to do right now. There are deadlines to meet, bills to pay, family to care for, and a home to take care of. All of that pressing for more and more of your time, and the thought of stopping to think may seem silly. As all these thoughts collided in my skull, I turned back and the Hawk was still sitting on the limb pondering his next move. If a hawk that depends each day on the food he catches to feed himself and his brood, and he takes time to think then why am I so challenged to do the same?

I plan to take advantage of this end of year timeframe to stop, survey, and think. I hope you think your life, your dreams and your future are worth the same investment.

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