Dazed and Confused

We heard a loud thump on our back deck then saw this little bird sitting in the middle of the walkway. We figured this birdie had hit the window and was dazed and confused, but still alive. So we let the bird be alone and continued our activities. Half an hour later, the bird was still sitting on the porch just looking around. Normally this would not be a big deal. In our house it was late afternoon and soon the cats would be waking up from their day long naps, and this little bird would become a cat toy or treat. 

What to do? My husband grabbed a couple plastic bowls, one in each hand, and headed out the screen door. As he reached down to scoop up the bird, it flew away. All along we figured it was hurt, or stunned to the point where it could not fly. In reality it was just sitting there looking around. It was just dazed and confused. 

I thought about when I had been unable to process things. Like this bird it took someone else jolting me back into reality that made me move forward. Getting a shock made me get off my kiester and get moving. I have had times when I was the one providing the shock, and other times I was the recipient. So which one are you right now? Do you need someone to jolt you back into reality – that things are not as bad as they seem OR that you need to take seriously what is about to happen? Or are you the voice of reality, that someone swooping in to get somebody off their perch and moving again? No matter which way it is for you right now, one time or another we will find ourselves as the bird or the human waving plastic bowls trying to save the bird from being a cat treat. 

We all need help or provide help at one time or another. Whichever way it is, be kind and allow that someone to survive being dazed and confused with dignity. 

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