An Act of Trust & Courage

There are several situations in life where you have to trust that the person providing the service knows what they are doing. Doctors, Dentists, and Hair Stylists. They all have sharp instruments and can change your life if they do not use their tools well. You may not compare the impact of a bad haircut with a medical challenge, yet it can make you feel just as ill. 

Today my step daughter Ashley and I got our haircut in Kyoto, Japan. We walked into a local salon and sat down. The Stylist spoke very broken English, and our Japanese could be described as the same. She had a picture of what she wanted and I did not. After a brief discussion, she went first. Here you see her watching patiently as he cuts, and cuts, and cuts. He did a beautiful job and she looked fabulous when it was finished. I went next and am very pleased with my new do as well. 

It is a strange sensation to have a complete stranger put sharp scissors near your head and snip away at your hair. You can try and control it, which doesn’t work. Or you can let go and trust. We let go and have fun doing it. We experienced a different way of getting your hair cut, in an unknown salon, trusting someone we had only known for about ten minutes. Once we agreed to make it fun, we enjoyed the adventure. 

How many times do we face the unknown with fear and dread, only to laugh about it all later? How many times do we want to control things that are really out of our control, and end up annoying the people around us? How many times do we lack trust because of what? Fear? Lack of courage? Lack of control? Or simply that we are facing the unknown and always associate bad things with the unknown? Someone had to go first. Someone had to trust and let go. Someone had to breach the wall and find out what was on the other side. Someone had to have courage. What will you do today that requires trust and courage? 

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