The Center of It All

This is the center of a flower, a miniature sunflower to be exact. Everyone notices the beautiful petals, the color, the iconic elements of this classic. I must admit I have never focused much on the center. Though it is the center of it all, it too often gets overlooked. 

In all of life there are many things that divert our concentration. We see the pretty parts, the colorful stuff, the classic things. Sometimes though we just forget to remember what is at the center of it all. The center of it all is one thing, love. Love of family, love of friends. Love of places, love of adventure. Love of animals, love of food. Love of knowledge, love of learning. Love of God, love of mankind, love of nature. Love of life, love of your favorite person in the whole wide world. 

Today is the national day about love…Valentine’s Day. No matter where you are in your life, whether you have a reason or desire to celebrate this holiday, spend the day focusing on the center of it all. Spend your thoughts, ideas, and smiles on love. Know that you are loved, that there are people and things and places you love. Know that no matter what is on the fringe, or the edge, or the colors in your space…know that what really matters is love. 

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