Inspiration: Thank You Miss Lang

We all had to endure math class in school, and the teacher always said you would use math every day of your life. I actually enjoyed math once I figure it out. I was in third grade learning my multiplication tables, and I could not get the concept of carrying the one…I always got it wrong. And when I mean always, I mean always. I started flunking math everyday. It got so bad that one day Miss Lang kept me after school. She sat down next to me and asked me to do the daily math test in front of her. That is when she saw the problem…I was carrying the one into the wrong column. Once she figured out what I was doing wrong, she explained to me how to do it right, and I never failed another math test. 

Miss Lang was patient enough to to stay after school and work with me so that I understood the basics. She could have just let me continue to fail and summarize that math is not for girls…but she didn’t. She took her own time to find out what was going on and make it right. If she had not done that I can’t imagine how awful my future math days would have been. 

After my third grade of school Miss Lang moved to Texas to get married. She only taught school in our town for one year. I was blessed by that one year. I would hope that another teacher would have spent that time with me if Miss Lang had not been there…yet who knows. Thank you Miss Lang for investing in me so I understood the basics of multiplication. You changed my world. 

Who could you invest in to change their world? What do you know that someone else needs to know? What foundational rule of life have you learned that you need to pass onto someone else? They are out there, the students and learners that need your knowledge. Maybe tomorrow I the day you need to be someone’s Miss Lang. 

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