Inspiration: Blue and White is Back?

About thirty years ago, blue and white were the decorating colors of choice. Every magazine, furniture store, and paint store featured the colors blue and white. Catalogs for furniture stores and decorating locations were filled with rooms flooded with blue and white. As you know decorating trends change, color palettes come and go. I found this display in a decorating store and realized that blue and white is back. 

Every catalog that has arrived in our mailbox features blue and white. Everything from clothing to pillows to sofas and paint…all show up in shades of blue and white. There is a billion dollar business around getting us to redecorate or revamp our wardrobe around the latest trend. This industry tells us what is hot and what it out. It can be fun to see what’s new and how to change what you have into what is on trend, and yet it can also be exhausting. If you let it, the change can make you feel inadequate or less than. Let’s face it, as humans we like new and exciting and yet constant change can really wear you down. All too often we follow along like lemmings not realizing that we have power. We fall prey to the advertising and marketing only to change and stay on trend…when we simply liked it the way it was. 

I am a huge fan of blue and white, I always have been. I didn’t get rid of it in my home when it went out of style. I preferred to enjoy what I enjoy and let it fill my rooms the way I wanted. This was a conscious choice. My husband and I have specific financial goals, which did not include a redecorating budget to stay on trend. I like the fun and exciting new things that magazines and catalogs provide, and I have also learned how to incorporate the things I like into what I already have…and stay within my means. The key here is to figure out your own balance between what is on trend and what you already have. The balance is knowing how you live within your means and yet add excitement to your environment. Take the time to understand who you are, what you like and waht you don’t, and then work toward what you want. 

Over the years I have learned that trends like blue and white come and go, and yet blue and white has been around as a colorful pair for centuries. What is a trend today will go away and come back again in the future. Being true to yourself and what makes you feel good about yourself is more important than any trend. Be inspired and let the ‘innovation’ of the current trend excite your senses, and let trends power your creative side. Be sure to also take the time to figure out what the new can enhance and better so the you that YOU want to be shows through everyday. 

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