Inspiration 350: Stop the Madness 

This box of watch parts made me think about time. We spend it, invest it, waste it…and only have 24 hours each day. But you already know all that. 

When was the last time you stopped time? You can ya’ know. It’s all about choice. In this world where we over schedule and cram more and more into each waking hour, what if you got off the ride and stopped…just for a while? Are you worried that the world would end, or the world’s core might crack and lava would cover the land? Or is it possible that if you stopped the earth might stop revolving around the sun…that is if you didn’t push things along? Get real…stopping to all down would not do any of those things…and your email will still be there waiting for you in your Inbox. 

Let this picture serve as a reminder for you to stop and get off the ride this holiday season. Stop the madness and relax…your world and your perspective will be much improved. 

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