Inspiration 320: Something New, Something Different

This is one of my husband’s favorite snacks while in Japan. It is a rice square, covered in seaweed, with a small flavor element inside. We buy them at Seven Eleven stores and carry them in our backpacks until he needs a snack. Once he tried them, he was hooked. 

When we saw these in the store upon our arrival to Japan, it made me think about habits. So many times we do things because that is the way we have always done it. We make choices in life based of what we have done in the past, without looking at all the options. Until my husband tried these, he struggled with getting hungry during the day. Not that there weren’t plenty of places for us to eat, he simply didn’t want to stop to eat every time he got hungry. He ate food bars or candy bars, yet he yearned for something different. He wanted something compact, tasty, and convenient. Two years ago he tried these while in an Osaka train station, and he was hooked. 

What habit are you going to live with today? You may not even be aware that you are making a decision dut to an old habit. Today I encourage you to try something new, something different. Try that thing you pass everyday, but have never tried…no matter how foreign the package or shape may seem. Give it a go. Take a chance you might like it. You might find that the new thing is more satisfying than your old habit. 

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