Inspiration 280: You Have Everything

This is one of the places we are all thankful for, yet want to avoid…the hospital. The people who work here provide an invaluable service by keeping us all healthy and well. I recently walked these halls and was very glad to be in them instead of one of the rooms. I heard people sleeping, eating breakfast, and softly calling for assistance. The different beeps, bleeps and signals from all the medical equipment was a reminder that I am very thankful for my health. 

As you read this today, be grateful for your current health. You might have aches and pains, maybe even need to stretch a little before you get going…but you’re still going, and that means everything. As we age our bodies begin to show signs of maturity – grey hair, laugh lines, poochie bellies or maybe even slower response times – yet aging is better than the alternative. When you are breathing you have another chance to change, another chance to make the world better for someone else…another chance to do anything you want. 

Take a deep breath, and as you let it out give thanks for your health. Give thanks for being able to move from one place to another by choice. Give thanks that you are moving and living and able to tackle today in decent health…because as the saying says, when you have your health you have everything!!!

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