The Countdown – 2 – Kill the VOICE!

Ink on pastel paper- Words:Vincent Van Gogh

No matter who we are or what we try to do, that voice is ever present. It tells us we can’t do it, we are not talented or skilled enough, we are not worthy or it even dares us to ask ourselves who am I to do this? It will come out at different times, in different situations and all too often become a resounding gong that prevents us from doing anything new. I am encouraged that even Vincent Van Gogh had that voice and painted anyway.

“Then by all means” what a great phrase. In other words, no matter how or where or when you do it, just do it any way possible. It doesn’t have to be perfect or completed, shown to anyone else or even make sense. The point is to do it, keep going, get better AND kill the voice saying you can’t. Action cures fear and the only way to kill the voice is to do something, anything until you can’t hear that voice anymore.

Stop worrying about what other people think, just get painting…or whatever it is you want to do. Van Gogh did not sell many paintings while we was alive; his brother bought most of his work so Vincent had an income. That didn’t stop him, he did it anyway and the voice eventually fell silent. Aren’t we glad he had enough fight inside his soul to let his amazing work live? I know my perspective has been changed by experiencing his work.

Whatever it is, do it. Keep doing it, kill the voice. It won’t go away with procrastination or kindness, it will go away when you have done something to prove it wrong. Prove to yourself that you are worthy, your ideas and work is important, AND that no matter what negative comes your way you are willing to do the work. BY ALL MEANS get going and mark the day when that voice goes silent.

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