The Countdown – 4 – The Productive Habit of Silence

Ink on pastel paper – Words: Rumi

Our house was quiet, everyone was spread out or focused on doing something. I walked down the hall and could hear nothing but my own footsteps and it was tranquil. I stopped, stood still for several minutes and just listened to the silence. I found this quote the next day and truly understood what Rumi meant. Those moments standing in the hall with no noise, no agenda, no words, my mind was relaxed and full at the same time.

Our minds need time to process and be quiet. Our thoughts need time to settle and create. Our ideas need time to organize, congeal and grow. Our lives need time to just be quiet. All these things only happen with silence. If we allow ourselves to be patient and quiet we will be astonished and amazed at what the silence has to tell us.

Daring to live with moments of silence can be a hard choice. There is so much going on every minute of every day. Being in silence is a choice, one worth making and one that will reward us if we stop and listen. The people in our lives may not be ready for silence at the same time we are, so we have to be brave and gather our own silent moments when we are able. For it is only in those silent times when great ideas, thoughts, and clarity have the ability to bubble to the top and wow us!

Take five minutes today and be silent. Breathe in, breathe out, don’t move, just be silent. When we practice silence it becomes more powerful, like working to grow muscles. Five minutes a day may be all you need to develop the productive habit of silence.

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