Time Goes Whooshing By


Before we know it a day, a week or a month is gone. We’ve done lots of things and too many are still left undone. Time flies by us, the seasons change, and life passes by in the blink of an eye. It becomes a blur and still tomorrow comes along with more time and more moments that whiz past like water over any surface.

Today I was reminded that we can spend time, waste time, or invest time…other than that we are not in control of time. What we choose to do with the gift of each day is up to us, and we can blame no one else for our lack of action or wasted time. We only have some many minutes to tell people what we want, how we feel, what we need and we can hope that they listen. Once a moment passes it is impossible to get it back.

So what will you do with your today? What needs to be said or changed, invested or spent to make your life and the lives of those around you better? Be careful in putting it off, before you know it your days will be over and your thoughts may be filled with regret. Don’t let today pass you by, spend your time wisely.

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  1. You can’t bank it, but you can spend it. It’s the only thing in life given to everyone in equal amounts. The concept of timelessness is like the concept of infinity.

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