Calligraphic Sun…

This week’s calligraphy challenge was to create a calligraphic sun of any kind. The minute I read the prompt I knew exactly what I had to do. Two years ago I took a class on dimensional calligraphy which included learning to emboss/deboss paper. I had created a piece in class and never knew how to finish it. I liked what I had with no idea how to take it further. (A photo of the piece from class appears at the bottom of this post.) When I decided to finish the piece I had a small idea of what I wanted to do.

I started along the path of my idea, then quickly figured out that once again I had no idea how to take it further. I went to bed one evening thinking that I had overworked it. I was disappointed, sad and a bit discouraged. My loving husband assured me that it was not overworked. Once I had a good night’s sleep and let go of my original idea I was able to proceed. I went to work and spent two afternoons adding more color and more letters. I used lots of tracing paper as I tested out ideas, and finally landed on what you see above.

All in all I am very pleased with how this one turned out. It slightly resembles my idea and I learned a lot about my own thought process along this multi day journey, which is what this weekly group is all about. This week I was reminded that sometimes an idea is just the beginning. It may be what sparks your sense of urgency however it may not actually be the idea you end up creating. Knowing when to proceed and when to change course is when wisdom turns into experience.

Class Exercise piece from 2017


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