Really A Blessing in Disguise

My Mom recently spent a few days in the hospital due to an issue with her gall bladder. As part of that process we spent time with beeping machines and amazing nurses. There were treatments and lab work, the walking of halls and trying to sleep through the night. Hospitals are not the place to go to rest. They are the place to go to receive treatment.

As I was walking out of the hospital I overheard a conversation in the elevator. One man told a friend that his son was in the ICU on a respirator and they were not sure what they were going to do. On my way back into the building I overhead a woman tell someone on the phone that her daughter was in a coma after a car accident. The six floor ride back to my Mom’s room had an entirely new perspective.

Life is so fleeting and precious. It can all change in an instant, a moment, with the result of one decision everything is different. Suddenly what was an annoyance and bothersome is now nothing more than a gnat flying by your ear. Hearing the real stories of what was happening in other people’s lives put our ‘troubles’ into a totally different light.

Sometimes what is happening in our life pales in comparison to what is happening to others, but we have to pay attention in order to find this out. We have to take one moment to listen and hear what they are saying, which may only show up in where they are or what they are doing. If we only focus on ourselves we might miss the blessings that are around us, the reality that what we have is more than we ever imagined. Never take your health for granted. Never allow yourself to forget that what you think is a problem is really a blessing in disguise.

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