Spaces to Focus Don’t Always Come Easy

During our Gallery renovations we shifted spaces to allow us to focus better. My husband is an amazing print maker and needed more space to create his amazing work. To best accommodate his art form we moved his supplies into what was once our Art library. It created a dedicated area for printmaking, so we call it the print room.

It can take effort and focus to create the space you need to do the job you want. It can mean lots of labor, lots of time, lots of planning and being able to take things as they come. It also means having the guts to dedicate space to your craft and being serious about learning how to do it better. Spending time doing it sometimes means having to say ‘no’ to other activities. Not everyone will understand and that’s okay. What matters is that you have the commitment to do what you want with the new spaces you have, proving to yourself and others that your work is worth the effort.

By making changes to your spaces we are also igniting the ideas and passion in ourselves. The renovations was not only to our studio and gallery, it served as the physical manifestation of our renewed excitement in our art and our ideas.

Come check out our changes and be encouraged that your efforts to make your world the way you want it are worth the effort, and so are you.

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