What Can Happen When You are Willing to Knock Down a Few Walls

We have spent the last few months renovating our gallery and studio spaces. The dry wall dust is mostly gone, I’m not sure it is ever completely gone! The walls have been updated, furniture installed, library setup and the art is back on the walls. Today starts our end of year sale, our first sale ever. Everything in our space is 25% off until December 23rd.

We opened over eight years ago with the idea that people would buy art, wanted to learn about art, and wanted to understand the process and people who create art. We’ve had a blast and look forward to many more years of bringing art to the natives and anyone else who crosses our threshold. With that in mind it was time for us to change our space and our thought process about how and what we create, hence a renovation. Over the next few days I will share photos of our spaces and the thought process around our changes.

Here you see our art library. It has new comfy chairs and quiet space to read and learn about all kinds of art. Everything from the old Masters to modern day printing techniques. We wanted to be able to access our library more freely, and we wanted to share it with people who visit. Part of the renovation meant building library shelves that joined our gallery to our studio, allowing everyone in the spaces to reach for a book and use it however they want. It also means our kitties have more places to nap and enjoy simply being near us while we are in the studio, both are next to me right now as I write this post.

Making art means also making it accessible, which meant knocking out several walls. This allows more activity spaces, more work spaces, more collaboration and more people to be able to move freely. We have eleven people in the studio over the holidays and everyone had a wonderful time doing whatever it was they wanted to do. Before the renovation the most we could handle was six to seven. It is amazing what you can do what you are willing to put up with a little mess and some hard work.

Stay tuned as I share more about our changes, and be sure to stop by and visit our new gallery and studios. We look forward to sharing our creativity with you!

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  1. Beautiful. AB, you should go to two shows this year. The Winter Park Art Festival (Florida) and the Fort Worth Main Street Art Festival, near us. I wish you would submit for both. They are adjudicated and great shows. ( also like the Las Olas show in Fort Lauderdale.


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