Going Up or Going Down?


Do you see these as steps to move up or steps in which you only have the ability to go down. It’s like one of those half full or half empty type questions. I am always amazed when you give a group of people the same inputs or options what they see or describe. It says a lot about who they are and how their brain works when they see the same or different options.

This holiday time of year brings out the good and jolly side of our personalities, and yet there is also a dark side. Not everyone is going to get what they want, when they want it  and be able to afford to pay for it all. There are people that will not be around loved ones and others who will be overwhelmed by the joy they experience. The spectrum runs from full to empty all across the globe. Many will be walking up and into days full of love and joy, while others are heading down into pain, suffering and consequences from their own decisions.

We all have ups and downs, highs and lows, good and bad days. We’ve all had happy holidays or ones full of sadness and missing those we love. Life is a constant move up the stairs then back down again. It would be great if we always went up, yet reality has taught us that all too often it is the trip down that prepares us for our next bigger and better journey going back up. We cannot appreciate or learn from only going up, we have to have the downward trajectories to give us perspective. We have to have the lows to truly absorb the highs.

So where are you during this holiday season? Are you willing to be honest with yourself? Are you willing to learn in order for things to get better in the future? Are you heading up or are you on the way down? Maybe you are stuck in the middle not knowing whether to go up or down…we’ve all been there. Know that you are to alone on this journey and that nothing stays stagnant, life will change on a dime. Also let kindness be your guide. Be aware of those around you and how they are experiencing this holiday season; a little kindness may be just the thing they need to change their trajectory for their better self to emerge.


  1. Dear Ann, I so enjoy reading your blogs. They have such truisms that we fail to remember or hold on to when we struggle with daily life. I am always uplifted when I read them, much like a morning meditation. Thank you.


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