Talking vs. Listening


When we think about communicating, when we think about how we communicate with others, in our mind we see ourselves speaking. So to communicate our first choice is usually talking. That means there can be a challenge in that we are assuming someone on the other end is listening. Because we really aren’t communicating if the audience on the other end doesn’t to understand and process our message.

We’ve all played the telephone game; someone starts the message by telling another person, who tells another person, who tells another and so on. The last person then tells the group the message they heard and it NEVER matches the original. Everyone laughs, and we think it’s funny how much it has changed across the line, then we realize the original message is no where to be found. If it was an important one everyone along the path understood nothing of what was being communicated. This is not so much a talking game as it is a listening game.

I know I am guilty of sometimes talking way more than I listen. I get excited or passionate about something and before I know it I have used more words than any human being can process, just ask my husband! I have learned over the years how to curtail my words and open my ears, and not allow my passion to control my ability to communicate. Being a good communicator doesn’t mean talking more, it means listening more and talking less. It means making sure our message is received and understood by the audience AND that we have a mutual understanding of the information shared.

Wisdom is a great meter for our words and time provides the opportunity to learn more each time we communicate. Wisdom is a great reminder to use our two ears more than the one mouth. The better we are able to communicate our message the better we are able to learn, grow, evolve and become the people we truly want to become. It also allows us to strengthen our relationships and share our wisdom and knowledge with others. Who wouldn’t want that?


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