Today’s Jumbled Up Mess


This is a shot of a leftover piece of palette paper. It is the paper used instead of a wooden palette to mix colors. This particular piece was utilized with cold wax, a printing technique. I thought the elements worked so well together that I didn’t have the heart to throw it away. I plan to reuse it, recycle it into another piece.

How many times do we remove things that look like a jumbled up mess? We can’t figure out what to do to make sense of it all so we shove it in a drawer, pile it under other papers, or donate it. My first reaction used to be to toss this as a mess; now I save these pages and cut them up to use in other art. A friend taught me that trick AND how to get more than one thing from this jumbled up mess.

Sometimes our problems feel that same way. We can only see the chaos, the mess, the bottomless hole we have no idea how to escape. Everything seems to be all jumbled up with no practical way of getting things in order. It’s not until we begin to forge ahead and make headway into cleaning up our mess that we see the lesson. It may take someone else pointing out others uses for our circumstances that we can truly see our way forward. The best life lessons come hard and fast and last the longest. The problems where we dig ourselves out of what seems like a deep, dark space are the building blocks for our future selves.

Maybe your current circumstances are the exact thing to teach you your most valuable lesson. Maybe something you learn now will be repurposed, recycled to help you solve a greater problem in the future. Maybe you need the insights or ideas of someone else to make the jumbled mess make sense? Let time do it’s magic and teach you the lesson you need to make you a better you. Resist the urge to throw it all away. Give life a chance to help you grow and you will be amazed at the beautiful work you can create out of today’s jumbled up mess.


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